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The internet of course makes it easy to pick out a driver from all those applications that may suit their needs or desire so it's worth the time to use these databases as long as it's free. You DO NOT want to sit back and wait for one of the trucking companies from that one application to call you.Remember, there are a lot of drivers filling those out, that's just one step in the process.Always take advantage of it to let the positive side of you shine and to thank them for considering you. Many good company hiring personnel will ask, "why do you want to work for our company" or "tell us why we should hire your". When you find a company came about by people who share values that you can identify with, you would be proud to work for that company if those values are still there. Decides to start his own trucking company based on the values that he believe are important to have for drivers and customers.That alone will put you ahead of some of your peers trying to get the job. Some to get a genuine idea of your interest, others to get a feel for your ability to think, or see how you think. Also, they are likely to treat you the way you want to be treated. A driver had a great relationship with his wife who was pregnant. He treats his drivers the way he wants to be treated.If that company is somewhere that you want to work, you would highlight your attention to detail, ability to plan, why you are dependable, etc.More so than your personal values and commitment to family. Don't lie but show you are in tune with the company. Each little thing that you do right adds up in your favor. Nail the little things, especially if you need to make up for other things like a less than perfect driving or criminal record.

" No, not all trucking companies use those services.Plus, it's kind of cool for you to use the trucking magazine because you will see maps illustrating where the company is hiring and where the company runs (it's operating lanes, and hiring lanes too).This gives you a real good idea of who to call first.Third - Go to the nearest truck stop to you and get some trucking magazines with the companies listed so you have a lot of trucking companies in one place on paper(If you find yourself waiting somewhere conducting business you can conveniently look through the magazine.This would be more difficult to do with a laptop online).

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Especially those working where there is a lot of trucking going on but other people you meet also.

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