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Quest com dating service

She knew few people in the beach cities, so she jumped into the foreign world of online dating more than five years ago.“I had so many horror stories and some good ones too.

Her ambition left her little time for socializing which is just fine with her.A renowned scientist once theorized that finding “intelligent life” on other planets in the universe would be like shooting a particular blackbird in a room full of blackbirds, with the lights out.Ironically, the same probability applies for finding a “normal man” on an online dating service.Although that billboard depicts a smiling white couple, Russell insists that anyone over 18 may join, regardless of race or ethnicity.(“If you’re a black man who prefers to date white women, this might be a good option,” he said — presuming you can get over the object of your affection’s stated racial preferences.) It costs a month to message other members, and the site’s terms of service specifically prohibit messages that “promote racism, bigotry, [or] hatred.” “The site is not racially motivated in any way,” Russell stressed.

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I just believe it’s hypocrisy to say ‘one group can do this, but another can’t.'” This is Russell’s first foray into the online dating industry; he’s spent most of his career in auto sales, as the president of the since-franchised chain Automatic Car Credit Inc.

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