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Intimidating urban dictionary

Someone sent this in: "The word is jerigonza not jiri- is a language or communication hard to interpret as it is phrased in a somewhat modified vocabulary like lotsa slang or argot, often used to keep a conversation very private." Jacob is the third Biblical patriarch.Jacob was the son of Isaac with Rebekah, the twin brother of Esau, and grandson of Abraham.

An unlikely strongman, he had been a protégé of Rafael Trujillo and, though frequently accused of election fraud and of intimidating would-be opponents, he was considered one of the craftiest politicians. In J. In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo is one of the most important and many-sided of the Olympian deities.Jacob played a major part in some of the later events in the Book of Genesis.See note further down this page about Jacob wrestling with the angel. Edouard Glissant (born in Sainte-Marie, Martinique in 1928) is a French writer, poet and literary critic.He is widely recognised as being one of the most influential figures in Caribbean thought and cultural commentary. It is described in an earlier story, The Hobbit (1937), as a magic ring of invisibility.

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Someone writes in that this means "My god (you are a) killer. The sequel The Lord of the Rings (1954-55) reveals that its powers are much more encompassing than mere invisibility, and concerns the quest to destroy the Ring, revealed to be malevolent — being created by the primary antagonist, Sauron.