Dating vintage tablecloths

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Dating vintage tablecloths

Downstairs we congregate in the kitchen for cups of tea and later during the day when the sun streams in, the conservatory is the place we curl up in.

Nicky pulls out a tray of warm fig, ginger and macadamia biscuits from the oven and fixes us tea in a range of vintage and vintage style cup and saucers.

The main idea behind them of course is to get away and relax with your bestest girls.

Lavender Majestic is more luxurious with butler service while the other house Lavender Manor is located further up the mountain in Blackheath and is more of a self catering affair.

Once Belinda is finished, we move into the lounge room where Nicky lays out the platters and the fireplace is roaring.There's a chocolate on my pillow and earplugs on the bed and the all of the blinds have been drawn.And in the welcome box there are three sachets of skincare. I'm terrible first thing in the morning and should never be approached before my first cup of tea (ever seen a grizzly attack? After Nicky brings me a tray of tea (and she remembers just how I like it), I get dressed for breakfast and feel like a different person springing down the steps.There is Foxtel although I have brought my Netflix along (alas the wifi isn't quite strong enough for streaming Orange Is The New Black) and we watch quality television shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Four Weddings and what seems to be an endless loop of the Ahh Bra ad. " I tell Queen Viv daring her to ring in and buy some.The television show Botched causes alarm when a woman that spent thousands becoming a caricature come to life asks to be spraytanned the colour of "wood stain".

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It is also Nicky's personal home and when these weekends are on, her family live in another property in Sydney.