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Harry Wong is the most sought after speaker in education today. Practicality" for his common sense, user-friendly, no-cost approach to managing a classroom for high-level student success.Nearly a million teachers worldwide have heard his message.And then the shopkeeper runs around the store and takes away privileges from those customers who do not behave and gives perks to those customers who do follow the rules and behave.No restaurant, office, cruise ship, or church is managed in this manner, yet this is how some teachers “manage” their classrooms—with consequences and rewards.They have dedicated their lives to leaving a legacy in education and making a difference in the lives of teachers and students., winner of the Telly Award for the best educational video of the past twenty years and awarded the 1st place Gold Award in the International Film and Video Festival.

Rosemary is a native of New Orleans and taught K-8, including working as the school media coordinator and student activity director.We sympathize with the frustration facing some teachers, but this may explain why some teachers have problems in their classrooms. Management has to do with procedures and these procedures govern how students go about doing their work in the classroom.They are consumed with trying to find ways to handle the behavior problems of their students and spend no time structuring a classroom management plan to prevent the problems from occurring. The ineffective teacher who does not know how to manage a classroom will resort to discipline tactics to achieve control and compliance.“Oh, what do I do with this student or that student?” “How do I stop them from blurting out or leaving their seats?

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The vast majority of the behavior problems in the classroom are caused by the failure of students to follow procedures and routines, which in turn are caused by teachers who do not have procedures and routines.