Women who roleplay mommy chat

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Women who roleplay mommy chat

She likes to spank me, tease me, stroke my cock, finger me, suck me off, make me eat her out, fuck me with a strapon, and if I cum in her before she tells me to she makes me lick it out of her.Sometimes she likes to just sit on the couch and watch TV while she breastfeeds me. I believe this would be the best place to find somebody that would be Into this in my area. I shall title this confession post: When Your Hooker Has A Surprise For You (And It's Not a Penis)I have made a post or two about a blonde MILF hooker (escort, technically) I've been seeing on occasion by the name of Savannah.Before long they both have me by a hand and are dragging me into the vip (bedroom). I was getting ready to fuck Savannah when she stops me me.

I could see Savannah giving her a serious look as she says "are you sure...?It took us a while to find a place in our price range, we wanted to rent a house, but had to settle for a condo.Our landlord is a cougar MILF, recently widowed and owns her own business.After while she joined Savannah and they took turns sucking me taking little breaks to make out. As she did so, Savannah played with and nibbled on my nipples before looking me in the eye and told me that I need to pick one of them to fuck from behind. Savannah and I had not used a condom since our second time together. Two naked whores in front of you, you don't complain.I laid down on the bed and my [new] favorite hooker jumped straight to sucking me off. By the third meet I was exploding deep in any hole I wanted... The brunette put the condom on with her mouth and I was staring down Savannah who knew I wanted her.

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Before I could fuck Savannah the younger one was already telling me that she wanted to go first.