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It gets cramped in the dark-wood space with old-school sandy floors, so you’ll have to get close. Sometimes you’re just looking for a coffee date -- but this Starbucks flagship location is like a coffee date all hopped up on... The enormous, multi-level interior (an old bank vault) looks amazing from floor to ceiling, as it's all made from repurposed materials and designed to conserve energy.

All the better to hear what your date has to say... You can order beer (don’t bother with the wine), but this spot’s a good excuse to hit the hard stuff -- in, ya know, a classy way. You have the widest selection of Starbucks stuff you’ll find anywhere: beyond frappucinos, try a tasting of the not-found-elsewhere Reserve coffees at the separate bar -- er, sorry, “Slow Coffee Theater.” (Products are tested here before they’re rolled out to other stores.) Plus there are some serious sweet and savory snacks at the bakery here.

Michael Bay’s latest attempt to entertain doesn’t exactly scream romance (and screaming isn’t very romantic anyway), which is why you’re better off using an indie or foreign film as the soundtrack to whatever sweet nothings you plan on whispering in the dark. However things go with your human companion, as least you know you’ll get some cuddle action on your date. well, at least knows that they both have clean underwear.Plus there’s plenty of local beer by the bottle to smooth over any early-date awkwardness.There are two sides to this classic bar, but you should head straight to the smaller, older (as in 1670) side, of course.You’ll find a giant selection of jenever and its more herbal/fruity Old Dutch Liqueur cousins. It’s actually like two steps out of the Canal Belt, but the cobblestoned back-alley location out-charms even the 9 Streets.It’s like a museum for the mouth (or at least the liver). It’s pretty inside, and the staff is uniformed to do the menu of specialty cocktails and tasty small bites justice.

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The sushi is inventive, with options like nigiri halibut with truffle soy sauce and lightly fried vermicelli, and the swank blood-red interior is guaranteed to get you hot and bothered in all the right ways, just as much as the wasabi.

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