Weight gain dating

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Weight gain dating

You keep your yourself clean and you treat your wife kindly. When will the frum world get over the myth that looks don't matter.You make sure she has household help so she has plenty of time to go to the gym and the tennis club and keep herself in shape. They do, and pretending they don't can make for a lot of problems.And, knowing that she is making the EFFORT to be PHYSICALLY attractive to him can -- of itself -- increase HIS desire for her.If sages recognize that a spouse can become "undesirable", maybe you should, as well.If He is willing to bend the truth (as he did with Abraham and Sarah) or have His name blotted out (as in the case of adultery) for the sake of peace in the home, then surely if you sincerely want it and pray for it, He will come to your assistance. – Emuna Dear Emuna, I am a 42 year old Jewish woman with three children – 4, 7, and 10, and a husband of 12 years. But a sense of obligation, an ability to accept responsibilities and comply with rules must be inculcated in each and every one of us. You can begin to tell your children, “Because I love you I will not carry you to bed but cheer you on as you walk there yourself.” “Because I love you I will not get you food when you yell for it but teach you when and where you can get if for yourself (not to mention communicating with your mother in an appropriate manner and tone! “Because I love you we will turn off the TV during meal times and sit around the table getting to know each other.” It will be awkward at first but you will get there if you persevere and don’t revert to the old, unsuccessful patterns.I grew up in a home in which I had to do a lot of the housework and where I got yelled at a lot and hit a lot, too. What do I do to make them understand how lucky they are and how much they should appreciate me and know I love them? – Whole Lotta Love Dear Doormat Mom, I’m very sorry but this case requires some tough talking, starting with you. It is just not necessary to accomplish this through hitting and yelling. You don’t mention where your husband fits into this scenario. Hopefully he will be at least as supportive of your new more effective and healthier system. But you will get what you want – your kids will ultimately thank you.

God admonished men to love and sacrifice for their wives but also for their wives to respect their husbands - not to love them - to respect them.

And, I think it important to point out that this does NOT mean that the husband does not care for his wife as a "real person"...

but marriage includes a very important component known as the PHYSICAL.

So if you don't realize it already you are just giving men more the reason to cheat on their overweight, ungrateful wives who think for some reason they should be locked in to their misery just because they said "I do" a decade ago. well maybe you aren't as attracted, but do you think you are going to be so attractive when you are 85, and did you only marry someone because of their attraction or because you loved them, and if you really loved this person, you would understand it is very hard to lose weight, I gained weight myself after constantly being picked on when I was a hundred pounds less than I am now and I wanted to keep people away from me that only care about how my body looks to them and does not want to care about me as a person I assume that since you want a perfect wife who never changes, you have not got thinning hair or an expanding waistline. You are always thoughtful and kind and never fail to help around the house or with the children.... Keeping a kosher home is more effort than a non-kosher home. Maybe you really prefer a maid and dating to making some poor woman's life as your wife so miserable with all your expectations and demands.

You have always brushed your teeth and used mouthwash. Emuna, sorry, but your response to worried husband is off the mark.

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You'd think they'd be the one thing I want for them: happy. Everything, and I mean everything, is an argument and a debate. I still dress them all and even carry the ten year old to his bed when he asks (almost every night) and sometimes I have to carry him out of bed to the couch to watch television in the morning so he can wake up on time for school-otherwise he wouldn't get out of bed. When she isn''t writing for the Internet or taking care of her family, Emuna teaches classes on Judaism, organizes gourmet kosher cooking groups and hosts many Shabbos guests. The sages in the Talmud noted that a basis for divorce is "Ma'is Alai" -- that the other spouse has become *physically* "repulsive".

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