Updating your applications infrastructure Fucked chat room free live

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Updating your applications infrastructure

This guide contains conceptual information about the Elastic Beanstalk web service, as well as information about how to use the service to deploy web applications.Separate sections describe how to use the AWS Management console, command line interface (CLI) tools, and API to deploy and manage your Elastic Beanstalk environments.Once your AWS resources are deployed, you can modify and update them in a controlled and predictable way, providing the same sort of version control over your AWS infrastructure that you exercise over your software.For more information about AWS Cloud Formation, see AWS Cloud Formation User Guide.After you create and deploy your application, information about the application—including metrics, events, and environment status—is available through the AWS Management Console, APIs, or Command Line Interfaces, including the unified AWS CLI.For step-by-step instructions on how to create, deploy, and manage your application using the AWS Management Console, go to Getting Started Using Elastic Beanstalk.To learn more about an Elastic Beanstalk application and its components, see AWS Elastic Beanstalk Concepts.Elastic Beanstalk provides developers and systems administrators an easy, fast way to deploy and manage their applications without having to worry about AWS infrastructure.

You can browse by audience, services, and technology.To learn more about the AWS Free Usage Tier and how to deploy a sample web application in it using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, go to Getting Started with AWS: Deploying a Web Application.You can also perform most deployment tasks, such as changing the size of your fleet of Amazon EC2 instances or monitoring your application, directly from the Elastic Beanstalk web interface (console).The software stack that runs on your Amazon EC2 instances depends on the configuration.For example, Elastic Beanstalk supports two configurations for the Java SE platform: one running Java 7, and the other running Java 8.

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Elastic Beanstalk does not restrict your choice of persistent storage and database service options.