Updating to snowleopard dec 09

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Even if you don’t install Rosetta, the Software Update will offer to download and install Rosetta the moment you try running a Power PC app.The installer will automatically keep Quick Time 7 if you install Snow Leopard on a Mac with a registration key for Quicktime 7 Pro, moving it to the /Applications/Utilities folder.The installer doesn’t require an annoying immediate reboot and it’ll even start over if a power outage interrupts, without losing any data.Snow Leopard reclaims about 6GB of space on your drive (less than half the space needed for Leopard) by installing only a subset of the most popular drivers, including those for printers and scanners that you had connected to your Mac in the past, as well as drivers for connected devices found on your network and hooked up to your Mac at install time.

You can check whether an app is Power PC-only in the Kind field of the Get Info window invoked by hitting the Command I combo on an app.Enter Geek’s guide to installing Snow Leopard, the definite resource for Mac fans eager to tame Apple’s big cat.First of all, you’ll be delighted to know that the Snow Leopard upgrade installs on Tiger Macs after all, despite Apple’s insistence that it’s strictly for Leopard people.The compatibility of your third-party Tiger or Leopard apps is the first thing that needs to be assessed prior to upgrading.Apple re-wrote 90 percent of the 1,000 projects in OS X, a major brain transplant guaranteed to cause problems with a portion of apps and drivers (just ask early Vista adopters).

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