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Updating drivetrain on a mountain bike

But the project seems confirmed now, thanks to an Instagram photo posted overnight by respected photographer Michal Červený of Nino Schurter’s bike ahead of the South African opening of the XC World Cup this weekend.Červený got up close with Schurter’s 12-speed Blackbox Eagle e Tap rear derailleur. either current mechanical Eagle derailleurs or current e Tap road designs.Having a 500% gear range with 12 speeds provides smooth and even spaced gears with a larger overall range than the now outdated 2x10 drivetrain system.SRAM Eagle is offered in two levels: XX1 with bright gold accents, or X01 with the classic stealth black look.The prototype Eagle e Tap derailleur gets a Blackbox logo over the lower P-knuckle, where we can see the standard SRAM cap over the Type3 Roller Bearing Clutch.As if the giant golden XG-1299 Eagle Tech 500% cassette didn’t confirm it, the prototype derailleur mount calls out ‘Eagle Technology”, and it uses the standard offset wide-gear-range pulley design. They look to use an overall wide profile that tapers to the narrower teeth vs.

The reason is that Eagle is designed for everyone - from the everyday rider who is looking to get a bit more gear for the local trails, or the world cup racer looking to have the most efficient gearing combo without any compromise on chainring selection.

The new redesigned X-Sync 2 chainring hasn’t skipped a beat, and we haven’t dropped a chain, and it’s feeling smoother and quieter than the first generation X-Sync it replaced.

On steep climbs, the ultra-low 50 tooth gear is very welcome when you are digging deep on a climb and need it the most, and it also means we could go up a chainring size from the previous 11-speed.

the current versions that are thin, but have wider protrusions on alternating teeth for chain retention.

That could be a welcome change for real world usability, as I have seen the current version to collect debris and be more difficult to clean (although these dusty pulleys don’t promise a much cleaner solution).

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Red e Tap which puts the motor on the lower link.) A machined outer parallelogram plate again supports that this is not yet a production part, with a small window letting some of the electronics peek out.