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Sex voice chat with bot

The two strangers would then chat spontaneously about a given topic — say, childcare or sports.

For years linguists have assumed that because the LDC is located in Philadelphia, the conversations skewed towards a Northeastern accent.

The phrases that occur most frequently become a pattern for an algorithm to learn how a human speaks.

A participant would dial in and be connected with another study participant.“From this set of just over 500 speakers, pretty much all engines have been trained,” says Gavaldà.But building voice technology on a 26-year-old corpus inevitably lays a foundation for misunderstanding.Outside the US, companies are aware of the importance of catering to accents.The Chinese search engine company Baidu, for one, says its deep learning approach to speech recognition achieves accuracy in English and Mandarin better than humans, and it’s developing a “deep speech” algorithm that will recognize a range of dialects and accents.

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This secrecy also applied to my reporting of this piece.

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