Red blue dating advice

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Red blue dating advice

The similarities of the words “chartreuse” and “cerise”? She was surprised and we ended up getting into a debate about the definition of chartreuse.I was shocked to learn that it was the color it is now (that yellow-green-aqua color)… BUT I had forgotten the color I previously thought it was, since I’ve known the “official” definition for so long.The color chartreuse is broadly remembered as a shade of red. The color gets its name from the liqueur, Chartreuse.

I have always been bothered by chartreuse not being a maroon color.

My mother couldn’t believe I was serious, and I remember looking in my childhood crayon box for a reddish crayon labeled “chartreuse,” but couldn’t find it.

It was a humiliating moment for me, because she was right and — in our household — that was like confusing Miro and Michelangelo. I didn’t think about it again until a comment about chartreuse appeared at this site. No matter how long I study this topic, I’m still astonished when a memory matches one of mine.(Also, collecting comments for this article, I was amazed at how many there were. Then again, that might be at the heart of the potential difference.

Had to make it all the way to the bottom [of the Major Memories comment thread] for someone to finally answer the Chartreuse question. And the whole time I was waiting for some one to say a pink/ashy purple.

And the whole time I was waiting for some one to say a pink/ashy purple. Glad someone else has a memory of that.– I know chartreuse was a pinkish color; I was watching a Modern Marvels episode on firefighting and they were talking about how some fire trucks are starting to be painted in chartreuse instead of red because of the increased visibility.

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but then I simply resigned myself to maybe this talk of nice guys being shafted is correct.