Portal not updating ad information

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After the story was published, a Microsoft spokesperson said: "The Azure AD team's plan hasn't changed – we are working to get all the features of Azure AD ported into the new portal before we turn the old portal off."This work took about a month longer than we expected.In case of 'AD to Portal' sync this means creating the same set of entities in the Content Repository as in in Active Directory (AD).In this section you can define one or more server connections for the AD Sync tool.A separator character can be defined that helps concatenating or splitting property values.The following scenarios are supported: As AD sync is a task executor, it provides a real-time progress that you can follow on the Task Monitor user interface.But now, tacked on the end of a blog post Wednesday about conditional access policies, Identity Division program management director Alex Simons wrote: "We've also updated the retirement date of our administration experience in the Azure classic portal.

One Microsoft partner told The Register he didn't know why Redmond decided to extend the deadline.

Updated For reasons unknown, Microsoft has decided at the last minute not to pull the plug on the old Azure Active Directory portal just yet.

The "classic" portal will now retire January 8, instead of today.

"To find these manually in the new portal is very difficult as they are nested multiple windows down," he said.

One thing you can do with TFS is set up a release pipeline for deploying into Azure, and managing it requires accessing Azure Service Principals from Azure Active Directory.

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"The new/V2 portal has been around for at least six months, possibly a year, and I would have thought that most clients use it," he said.