Pensacola christian college interracial dating

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Any and all work must not interfere with weekday prayer sessions, either.

All of these policies supposedly honor the wishes of Jesus Christ and facilitate participation in the encouraged weekend activities of door-to-door and child evangelism, working in churches, and volunteering at nursing homes. Bob Jones University Bob Jones University requires all students to attend regular church, Sunday school, society, Bible conferences, artist series programs, and vespers services on campus, though not necessarily in a single week.

In accordance with their Mormon faith, students must also refrain from the expected and reasonable discourteous and illegal behavior – but coffee, tea, responsible alcohol consumption, and tobacco are also disallowed as well.

All women are required to keep their skirts at knee-length or longer and receive no piercings beyond one in the earlobe.

But premarital sex, homosexuality, aligning oneself with occult religions (though the handbook never actually specifies which belief systems they consider “occult”), using expletives, tobacco possession or use, dancing, and working at any establishment that encourages or involves any such things apparently constitute impropriety and stand as offenses worthy of expulsion. Pensacola Christian College While most schools understandably discourage nationally illegal activities involving drugs or underage drinking, Pensacola Christian College outlaws perfectly legal ones such as gambling, possession of pornography, dancing, swearing, smoking tobacco, and even patronizing movie theatres.

They completely reach into the personal lives and convictions of their students, demanding that they refrain from such so-called “perversions” such as premarital sex, extramarital sex (even if both parties agree to an open relationship), and homosexuality.

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The school even governs how students are to go about their off-campus employment as well.

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