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Such erotic men Wavy-circuit bad brain psychotic stock went up. [Read More]Tags: Horror, Paranormal, Gothic, Alone, Evil08 Oct, 2017 PM“Pain favors the unfortunate but love favors the strong.” For some unknown reason, those words echoed in Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Castile’s mind as he stood at the stainless steel paring table hacking pigs into manageable cuts on a walnut board with a cleaver.

She looked normal to him, and it was hard to believe that she was different.

She saw his face, coming at her, threatened by him.

Turned 4 a second 2 faces came out spitting up blood mirror mirror on the hell of the fall face to face.

Jasper and Frank became frightened as she walked towards them.

As impulsive as Frank was, he panicked, then grabbed a glass of holy water and...

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[Read More]Tags: Ghost, Murder, Nightmare, Evil, Violence, Graphic03 Apr, 2017 PM A. Have you ever had the feeling that you are never alone in your room?

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