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Because judging by the uniform she has on, she was in during the early 1990’s. Monica Lin Brown So is there some super secret mission that I am unaware of?

He was already aware of her claims, and we have corresponded with him and the District Commander since.

We ask that you do not contact the VFW in Texas, as they are doing what they can at the moment to deal with this situation.

They have launched a full-scale investigation as to how she was allowed to join without providing the proper paperwork.

“I’m shaking right now even talking about it.” The roar of their engines was their “ Here is the complete write-up: Motorcycles deliver traveling Vietnam memorial Here is something we found on the web where she is advertising her company, and claiming to be a Veteran of Afghanistan.

Below is a snapshot we got of her with the medals, and the caption is where she stated her many deployments!

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