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The participants in these studies were also given a short non-verbal test of intelligence.

As expected, conservative, below-the-equator countries had the lowest average score.

However, people from the middle range of countries had slightly higher IQ scores than those from the liberal countries.

This implies that negative correlation between IQ and conservatism is not as strong as previously reported.

However, it now appears that while conservatism and intelligence are negatively correlated, the link is not as strong as first thought.

Much of the previous work in this area was based on a psychological definition of conservatism, rather than a political one.

All other countries – including the US, Russia and those from Confucian Asia – are somewhere in the middle.It was also found that countries whose citizens score low on international tests of mathematics achievement tend to be more conservative in their political outlooks and policies.Political scientists were quick to point out that conservative syndrome belongs to what they refer to as social conservatism.Many members of conservative political parties, both in the US and in Australia, undoubtedly subscribe to the values captured by the syndrome.But there is also a distinct group of conservative voters who do not feel strongly about such views.

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The term “conservative syndrome” was coined to describe a person who attaches particular importance to respect for tradition, humility, devoutness and moderation.

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