I love dating in the dark

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Later, Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, threatening the safety of the Jennings family.

Jazz & Jeanette return home to the devastation left by Irma.

Tyson returns to work, leaving Ashley to care for all 4 babies on her own.

Destiny spars with her in-laws over whether to baptize Capri.

She also helps her friend raise money for hormones, and gathers the courage to ask out Victoria.

Later, Jazz & Greg argue over whether Jazz is ready for bottom surgery.

The entire family supports Jazz's weight loss effort by having a family soccer match.

Meanwhile, Jazz resumes hypnotherapy to control her binge eating.

A new Jazz emerges, eager to expand her social circle & explore dating.

Jazz is also hiding a dark secret from her family that may come out to haunt her.

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Volker makes a decision about Jazz's therapy letter; Dr.

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