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I figured it was another trendy hopeful like Foursquare or Myspace that would become the next footnote in the social world and given this I figured, “why even bother?”On a rare day when I had a little extra time on my hands, I decided to do a mini-probe and see what this was all about.My Community This is a great resource for what is going on most current within your scope, the larger your network the better this is.

You will find that there is so much you can offer and so much you can learn. I spend a good hour or so a day, searching, answering and getting to know my community.

It has enriched my business life and has opened a lot of doors.

Not only has the Forum given me new business and clients but it has also allowed me to do business with people that were way better choices than if I had selected whoever came up with a Google or Facebook search.

While I have experience in both broking and creative structures, in my consulting practice, I would work with the client's broker, or if they do not have the experience or competence would propose brokers or individuals in other specialty companies/ facilities or elsewhere who are able to perform with the existing broker or outside depending upon the client's desires.

It all begins with the analytics and getting them into a useable format that allows a client to understand where they have the ability to drive cost, and use creative structures to benefit more quickly for the improved outcomes. After 45 years we have decided to change our business plan and close our brick and mortar location.

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Much like a relationship, it really is exactly what you put into it.

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  1. Yes, single moms do it all the time, and no, we don't need your sympathy. Contrary to popular opinion, we are not all sitting sadly on the couch in an ill-fitting pair of yoga pants shoveling ice cream in our mouths while lamenting our younger, child-free days in which we had perkier boobs.