Dydrek dating dydrek dating

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Dydrek dating

Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder that has broken 21 Guinness World Records.But instead of sticking landings last night, Dyrdek stuck it to Holly Madison instead! Good to see their throwdown with Joe Francis didn't scare the couple away from the night life completely.He states himself that skateboarding was like an obsession for him, because he used to sit in school and think about all the tricks that he is going to make as soon as the classes end.Rob used to skate until he was made to come inside because it was too late to be outside.

She has attended college, but quit, because she wanted to make her acting career.

Don't judge me." said Chanel chowing down on her food. " asked Drama "One little bite." said Chanel handing a piece of her taco to Drama "Now get out of my office." said Chanel "God someone's in a grouchy mood today." said Drama walking out "I'm not grouchy Drama." said Chanel finishing up her food and throwing it away. Ever since we have been friends, I've thought about it and realized that now I love you even more.

Look what I'm trying to say is that I love you Chanel.

But after a couple of years in the same company Dyrdek and Blender decided to join forces in order to create Alien Workshop, the company that now sponsorships him and that he owns.

When he was sixteen years old Rob decided to travel to Southern California and to continue his professional skateboarding career there. Without his skateboarding career Rob has been on the television also, he has participated in various television shows and even acted in a couple of movies.

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