Dating the divorced man book

Posted by / 03-Sep-2020 10:06

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But they weren’t walking in my shoes, nor did they have any understanding of the chemistry in our pending new family situation.

Rather, it’s a collaboration between all of the parents to do what is best for the children.

When the kiddos see all of the parents in alignment, it tends to mitigate the ability of the children to play one parent against the other.

Monique’s right: I never changed the kids’ diapers (which I’m not complaining about!

), but I also don’t have any memories or photos of the kids with me when they were newborns or sitting on Santa’s lap at Christmas or joining them for ‘donuts with dad’ at school or taking them on their first trip to Disney World.

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It’s an important lesson for all of us as we often judge or assume without knowledge of a person’s true situation – positive or negative.