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Dating sites with nikki parker

Shortly afterward, Sophie takes a leave of absence from the team, leaving Tara Cole to take over for her as the grifter of the group.

Parker and the others don't initially trust Tara, because she originally lied to them about her identity.

At some point Parker taught her younger brother, Nick, how to ride a bike.

However, shortly afterward he was in a car crash on his bicycle and died, causing Parker immense guilt and grief that she kept within herself. Some time after that she met a boy called Kelly in foster care, and he taught her how to boost cars.

She said if they didn't do it, she'd send Nate back to jail.After, she talked with her mentor who said he regretted not introducing Parker into his family, and Parker said that it was okay, leaving them both content with their positions.The week before Nate's deadline was up, Damien Moreau came into Boston.Nate then asked Sophie Devereaux to come and help them in a con in which they would turn on their former client. Sophie then retrieved Parker, and Hardison destroyed the group's own headquarters, as part of a plan to disappear. The plan worked out well; they pretended to take the Two Davids, forcing that exhibit to be shut down, when in reality they took everything else in that gallery. wouldn't pay out on insurance under any conditions.Later after Nate had become an alcoholic, Sophie set up a con in order for him to get revenge on I. Then, they returned everything they'd taken -- after Nate made Sterling agree to get rid of Blackpoole and Blackpoole's policy that I. The leverage team then split up once more, in attempt to lie low.

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When she was nine or ten, Parker began her life as a thief.

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