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Dating sites are a joke

I think that people who live within civilization are much more self-aware, much more aware of irritations that come with living around lots of other kinds of people.

I don't know that there's any sort of comparative defensiveness on the part of city dwellers (well, except maybe on MSNBC).Our periods are as unique as we are, which, of course, makes understanding them even more complicated than it already is.With that said, there are enough commonalities that we can address some of the major themes here today, answer some questions men often have about the monthly bill, and attempt to dispel some mysteries.I personally stopped believing in its "holiness" when I was 15, upon reading its teaching that women were inferior to men.) So I've gone off on a tangent... Oh yeah, the last thing in the blurb from the Farmers Only site: "..cowboys and cowgirls who still live on the edge." OK, maybe this means that they're living on the edge of town, on the edge of "corporate society," or somesuch...I suspect, though, that the wording is trying to make the younger farm-oriented folk who have cable and Internet and have thus seen attractive representations of what's available in the outside world -- but aren't quite up for whatever reason to pursuing anything outside of their comfort zone -- feel somehow "cool" and "edgy" despite their actual complete lack of "edginess." OH, by the way, RE "...values that were never lost by the farmers of our country.

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These values have also been preserved by the cowboys and cowgirls who still live on the edge..." Their intro page wasn't as wacky as I thought it would be. I've lived in the country with a rural route mailbox address and a pond and a horse and sliding down the random culvert on a piece of cardboard for fun. Blue suits and getting ahead in the corporate world: I realize that a "blue suit" stereotypically represents a "fancy city slicker" who's out to "screw" the "working man"... But many farmers/ranchers are raising beaucoup animals for the express purpose of slaughtering them for money. I personally found New Yorkers and New Jersey folk more honestly nice and down-to-earth.