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As custodians of Australia's earthquake data, Geoscience Australia has updated information related to Australia's historical earthquakes, resulting in significant changes to what were previously thought to be some of Australia's largest events ever recorded. They are less common and do not follow easily recognisable patterns.The following table represents our largest recorded earthquakes* as presented before and after the 2016 revision. Small slips, and caving-in of sand and gravel banks. This type of earthquake generally originates at shallow depths.For every unit increase in magnitude, there is roughly a thirty-fold increase in the energy released.For instance, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake releases approximately 30 times more energy than a magnitude 5.0 earthquake, while a magnitude 7.0 earthquake releases approximately 900 times (30x30) more energy than a magnitude 5.0.The times at which the differing seismic waves arrive at various seismometers are identified by Seismic Analysts or by a computer system.

which means to shake or move violently and was later applied to the science and equipment associated with earthquakes.

Earthquakes are the vibrations caused by rocks breaking under stress.

The underground surface along which the rock breaks and moves is called a fault plane.

The seismic data are collected and analysed automatically and immediately reviewed by Geoscience Australia’s Duty Seismologist. Few buildings erected prior to 1935 can be regarded as Masonry A.

As part of the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC), Duty Seismologists also are responsible for analysing and reporting within 10 minutes of the origin time, on earthquakes which have the potential to generate a tsunami. Masonry C heavily damaged, sometimes collapsing completely. No part of Earth's surface is free from earthquakes, but some regions experience them more frequently.

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The accurate locations of seismometers are stored in a database accessible by an earthquake monitoring computer system.

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