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I managed to flirt with her enough to get a phone number, and we dated for about a year before we got married.In almost every way our marriage had been terrific.The house was quiet, but I thought I heard the shower upstairs.Climbing the stairs and walking into my bedroom I got a nasty shock. The bed was totally destroyed, with pillows and sheets and blankets everywhere, and there was a big wet spot in the middle. It was all too obvious what Mark Malchek had been doing in my house.*************** Helen and I had been married for 24 years, and I thought we were pretty happy. She was one of the assistant caterers at my cousin's wedding, and the cutest girl I had ever seen.Short, kind of pretty, not a knockout, but with a fantastic figure.So once every ten days became perhaps once a week, sometimes twice if I could talk her into it.I had high hopes that once the girls left for college and we had more free time—no driving them to voice lessons or tennis practice or dances or friends' houses—things might get better, but they never did.

Imagine how it feels to go three months at a time without getting to touch your wife's breasts. I was happy to go down on her, and I did from time to time, despite her lack of enthusiasm for it.

The shower was running in the bathroom, and I could hear Helen singing to herself, as she usually did when she was feeling good. I could feel the anger rising, and threatening to overwhelm my utter and complete amazement.

My wife was fucking somebody else, some asshole neighbor, behind my back?

I worked for the Department and she stayed in the catering business, doing a lot of free-lance work for a company run by a friend of hers from high school.

It left her schedule very flexible, so that she could be an involved mother to our two daughters, Linda and Veronica.

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We even saw a marriage counselor for a while, when the girls were little.

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