Best dating advice for single moms

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Yes, dating as an adult sucks, and having a kid or kids around makes it that much more difficult, but there are tons of dating apps, and I personally love being able to choose when (or if) I go on a date. One day at a park in New York, a mom told me that it must be really hard to be a mom to a little boy whose father isn't around because my son must remind me of this every day.Now, if you happen to have a wealthy, handsome, slightly older, divorced brother or uncle who you really feel strongly that I go on a date with, let's discuss. It is hard, yes, because parenting is hard, but her assumptions were all wrong: In fact, I do not think about my son's father at all.

But I might need a drink, so feel free to buy me one this week at happy hour. All right, sometimes these couch-ice-cream-shoveling sessions do happen, but the majority of us are no more miserable than moms who do have partners. If I wanted you to know where the father of my child is, I'd tell you.

Honestly, it doesn't even matter how anyone becomes a single parent.

Since becoming one myself, I have connected with other single parents and we usually don't exchange Single Mom War Stories — those super-detailed timelines of how we even got to where we are — until we are way more comfortable with each other.(i.e.

Please save the comments about hard it must be for someone else.

Yes, there are certainly challenges when it comes to living this #Single Mom Life.

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we have been on a few play dates and one of the kids has done something embarrassing like pee on the jungle gym).

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